Staff preparing meals for patient

While aging and certain health issues might hinder normal daily activities, our live-in care services can help! Chester, Montgomery, and Delaware County residents can continue their round-the-clock normal routines with a live-in aide.

Whether it’s help with mobility, grocery shopping, or laundry, no household chore will go undone due to health conditions or restrictions. When you opt for live-in care, your loved one will be able to stay in the comfort of their own home, and your worries will ease knowing they’ll have 24/7 assistance.

Our Live-In Senior Care Services

Rarely do elderly residents want to leave their homes to attain the correct care for their wellness needs. With our live-in care services, we make it possible to allow individuals to stay in their own homes, without disrupting their comfortable, usual schedules.

Our live-in assistance services include:

  • Regular monitoring. Our caregivers will be with your loved one the most, so they’ll be aware of their progress, regularly monitoring their improvements.
  • Preparing meals. Whether a resident has special dietary needs, or simply requests a home cooked meal, we’ll prepare their meals daily.
  • Laundry. Keeping up with laundry may become difficult, but our assistants will ensure the piles never accumulate.
  • Grocery shopping. We’ll make sure the fridge is always stocked, and cabinets are full.
  • Errands. Any other errands, like picking up prescriptions or taking a trip to the mall, will be assisted or completed by our caregivers.
  • Light housekeeping. With the help of our aides, regular household chores will never be out of reach.
  • Medication reminders. Your loved one will never have the stress of forgetting to take their medication with gentle reminders from their live-in caregiver.
  • Grooming/Personal hygiene. Normal grooming and personal hygiene routines will remain an easy task with round-the-clock assistance.
  • Transportation. Never worry about how your loved one will get from one place to the next when they have a caregiver to help with transportation.

Each care recipient will receive individual 24-hour care at home geared for their specific needs. With our live-in services, you’ll never have to worry about your loved one being alone or without the assistance they need on a daily basis.

How to Get Started with Live-In Care Services

If you think that live-in services may be the proper choice for your elderly parent or loved one’s needs, getting started is simple. One of our caregivers will meet with you and your loved one right in their own home. We’ll go over any questions you might have, and match you with the right 24/7 home care nurse or caregiver accordingly.

Contact us by phone at 610.463.0880 or schedule a Free Consultation today!