As our loved ones age, they begin to require specific assistance to accommodate their daily routines. Home Care is a great solution for this, as it allows seniors to remain independent, yet obtain the extra help they need.


When you think of the term home care, you might find yourself thinking that medical and non-medical services are interchangeable. However, there are differences between non-medical home care and home health care, and our team at WellSprings Home Care is here to tell you what they are!

Medical Home Care

Medical home care, otherwise known as home health care, is provided by a licensed medical professional, such as a nurse, licensed practical nurse, or physical therapist. They can provide medical attention as needed, and make decisions based on their practice, and may only need to visit once or a few times per week.

Some services medical home care professionals provide include:

• IV treatments
• Occupational therapy
• Monitoring medication times and dosages
• Wound and injury treatment
• Mobility exercises or other physical therapies

Non-medical Home Care

Non-medical home care is provided by knowledgeable, trained caregivers who are able to assist seniors with everyday activities. This is a great option for an aging loved one who is in need of some extra support with their daily routines, but isn’t ready to move out of his or her home into an assisted living center.

Some examples of services non-medical caregivers provide include:

• Live-in assistance
• Personal Care
• Help with personal hygiene
• Running errands
• Light housekeeping
• Preparing meals
• Transportation, such as to doctor’s appointments
• Companionship
• Mobility assistance

Choosing the Right Home Care Services

While you may think you have to choose either medical or non-medical home care services, many families decide on a combination of both. Your loved one may need a nurse just a few times per week, but also require daily assistance with bathing or meal prepping, which is where a non-medical home care provider can help.

Non-medical home care is also a less costly option to ensure your loved one gets the care they need. Plus, they’ll be able to keep normalcy and independence in their daily lives, without the struggles that age or health issues can bring.

WellSprings Home Care Can Help

At WellSprings Home Care, we offer non-medical home care services that will make your loved one’s life much easier and enjoyable, when age and health issues may say otherwise.

Our compassionate, highly-trained and skilled caregivers will collaborate with you and your family to create a plan utilizing specific services we offer. Our goal is to keep your loved one’s normal routine in place, and to give you peace of mind that he or she is being cared for.

If you think that this sounds like a good option, contact us today at (610) 463-0880 or book a Free Consultation today! We proudly serve the areas of Delaware County, Chester County, and Montgomery County, and will be happy to get your loved one on the right track with our home care services.