Whether it’s a parent or relative, or maybe a close neighbor, you may have a senior in your life whom you suspect is in need of home care. Ordinary tasks, like doing laundry and washing the dishes, may start to become difficult, yet you know they’re not quite ready to move into an assisted living community.


Signs Your Loved One Needs Home Care

You may notice your parent or loved one begins to forget simple things, like where they’ve placed their car keys, or the name of someone they’ve recently met.

This is normal behavior for someone who is aging; however, if you notice any of the following signs, it’s important to pay closer attention:

Scratches or Dents on Vehicles

If you’ve noticed some new scratches, dings, or dents on your loved one’s vehicle, it could be a sign that he or she is beginning to have issues while driving. While this can be a difficult decision and process, it may be time to consider taking the keys from the senior in your life.

Because this is such a tough situation, it’s important to be certain that they are losing their driving abilities. Offer them alternative solutions, such as a home caregiver to assist with errands, or perhaps your driving assistance, so that they don’t feel a loss of independence.

Unexplained Marks or Bruises

Your loved one may begin to lose the ability to get around as easily as he or she used to, which can result in stumbles or falls. If you begin to see cuts, scrapes, or bruises on your parent or relative, be sure to address it with him or her. Falling is a very common, serious issue with seniors, and there are ways to prevent them.

Most home care agencies offer fall prevention as part of their services, and caregivers are trained in mobility assistance. Additionally, you can provide assistance by guiding him or her from room to room, take a walk around the block, or even just assist with easing into his or her favorite chair.

Diet and Poor Hygiene

You may also begin to notice that your loved one is losing weight, or maybe that his or her cabinets are full of out-of-date food items. This is a big sign that they possibly aren’t able to cook for themselves, or perhaps an undiagnosed illness is causing a loss of appetite.

Or, maybe you’ve noticed that your loved one is having issues with hygiene; it could be that they haven’t kept up with their appearance as normal, or dental issues may start to become apparent. This is a big telltale sign that they may be in need of daily assistance.

Home Care for Your Loved One

It may be difficult to convince your loved one that he or she needs help with activities that used to be second nature. However, offering a solution where they won’t have to leave their home can be comforting.

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