As the COVID-19 virus becomes more severe, we’ve received an increase in communication from our current and prospective clients in Exton, West Chester, Downingtown and King of Prussia regarding the safety of home care during this health crisis, and what precautions our caregivers and our clients and their loved ones can take at home to stay safe and healthy.

Can I Receive Home Care During the Quarantine?
Yes, home care agencies such as WellSprings Home Care are considered an essential provider, which means we offer life staining service and can continue to offer care to clients at this time. Whether you’re a current WellSprings Home Care client or prospective, we can be available to provide you or a loved one care during this time – even during mandatory quarantine throughout Chester and Montgomery Counties.

What We’re Doing to Keep our Seniors Safe from COVID-19

With Seniors being about 95% of our clientele, we understand how extremely vulnerable and susceptible our clients are to this virus especially. During this time, we’re taking every precaution necessary.

COVID-19 Home Care Certification
WellSprings Home Care caregivers are COVID-19 Certified. This certification is offered by the CareAcademy – a state-approved caregiver training organization. This certification ensures direct care workers are educated and prepared to perform the necessary care and communication during this current health crisis. The course covers everything from precautionary measures around what to do if you’re symptoms or if you notice a client or client family member having symptoms, to utilizing the most effective personal protective equipment.

Protective Equipment & Policies
All of our caregivers are equipped with latex gloves and sanitizers (gel or wipes). In addition to the COVID-19 Home Care Certification, WellSprings Home Care is also conducting training reviews with all caregivers on the strict health and safety policies and procedures of the agency, which incorporates all recommendations from CDC.
WellSprings office staff is currently all working from home, while continuing to be available 24/7 to assist clients with any questions and concerns, as well as scheduling and evaluation of caregivers.
Any caregivers, including their family members, that have had any remote exposure to the virus have been required to stay at home. Caregivers who experience any initial symptoms are required to contact management immediately. From here, we assist caregivers with getting tested for COVID-19. Once cleared, we require the caregiver to self-quarantine at home for an additional two weeks.

Ongoing Communication & Training
The CDC and the Department Of Health are constantly providing new information. We not only use this to update our policies and procedures, but we’re also immediately providing these updates in both written and verbal format to our caregivers to ensure they’re all equipped with the newest insight and practices to best care for and protect our clients.
Any essential information our clients and families need to be aware of, we’re having management contact immediately to review and discuss the recommended practices as we continue to provide care.

Sanitation Before, During and After Care
With our caregivers equipped with sanitary cleaning products, we ask that they focus on pre-sanitization before walking into our client’s homes, from 20 second cleansing of hands and wiping down their car door, to cleaning during care hours such as the client’s door knobs, bathroom door knobs, sinks, remote controls and any other high-touch areas in the home.
If you have somebody that’s either isolated or needs care at this time, please contact us here, or call us at 610-463-0880 to schedule a complimentary care consultation.