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What if you could find an overnight care solution that allowed your elderly loved ones to maintain their independence while also providing them with the support that they need? Fortunately, WellSprings Home Care offers comprehensive overnight care for the elderly in Malvern, PA.

No matter if you’re in need of some time off as your aging parents’ primary caregiver or if you want to hire a professional who adjusts their sleep schedule to remain awake while your elders sleep, we’re here to help.

Our hands-on approach to matching your seniors with the right care manager ensures that you’ll feel fully confident that they’re in good hands throughout the night. Ready to learn more about why overnight care for seniors in Malvern is right for you? Let’s get started!

What’s included in Overnight Care for the Elderly in Malvern PA?

One in every six full-time or part-time American workers serves as a caregiver for an elderly or disabled individual. Between seeing to your job responsibilities and spending time with your kids, providing proper care to an aging family member can leave you feeling depleted and lethargic.

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To ensure that you have the time that you need to recharge after a long day of working and tending to your elders, overnight care is essential. By opting for in-home, nighttime support for the seniors in your life, you’ll be able to give them your undivided attention and energy during the day.

Before you make a decision, though, you need to understand exactly what overnight support entails. So, what is overnight care? For the most part, overnight care provides your elderly relatives with a professional aide who will stay awake throughout the night in order to tend to their needs.

Some of the responsibilities that a nighttime care manager may have are as follows:

  • Emotional support
  • Anxiety alleviation
  • Mobility assistance
  • Food preparation
  • Grooming and more

To match your senior with the right overnight caregiver, our team thoroughly evaluates their conditions, lifestyles, and activities. That way, we can get an idea of the level of care that your elderly family member requires.

From there, our staff will build a custom plan that includes all of the services that your loved one may need throughout the night. As a result, you’ll have more time to relax while our care aides are tending to the needs of your aging parent.

4 Signs That It’s Time for Overnight Care

Aging in place is one of the best ways to ensure that your aging relatives receive the care that they deserve without taking away their independence. But how do you know when it’s time to seek professional assistance? Let’s take a look at four major signs that you should consider nighttime care.

1.)    Forgetfulness

From locking doors to turning off stoves, living in your own home comes with lots of responsibilities that can be overlooked due to dementia or general forgetfulness. With the presence of an experienced caretaker, your aging parents will have assistance while preparing for bed, including making sure that their home is safely locked up. The result? More peace of mind for both you and your loved one.

2.)    Wandering

Wandering off outside of their homes is common for elderly individuals with dementia. If you’ve been struggling to prevent your family member from roaming at night, overnight care is a solid option. Our trained experts can monitor your elders and ease them back into bed if they begin to wander. Ultimately, they can keep your senior safe and secure.

3.)    Loneliness

According to a study performed by AARP, older adults who get four hours or less of sleep per night are more likely to feel lonely.1 It’s for this reason that restful sleep is so important for the elderly. Instead of feeling anxious and alone at night, your aging parents will know that a compassionate caregiver is only a few feet away. As a result, they can get better sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day.

4.)    Medication Mishaps

Proper medication management keeps your loved one healthy. That’s why it’s important to avoid any situations in which they may forget to take a dose. Well, our care professionals can give your elders gentle reminders when it’s time for them to take their medication. What does that mean for your aging family members? Less time worrying and more time doing the things that they love.

To find out more about other signs that it may be time to think about at-home care for your senior, check out our helpful blog post.

Benefits of Overnight Care for Seniors Living in Malvern PA

Aside from allowing your seniors to maintain their independence, overnight care for the elderly near Malvern, Pennsylvania comes with numerous other benefits, such as:

Respite care: Everyone deserves time to themselves. It’s for this reason that overnight care for the elderly is a popular option amongst family caregivers. After a long day of caring for your loved ones, it’s important to address your own physical, mental, and emotional well-being. By arranging for one of our respite care professionals to take over for you during the night, you’ll get the rest and relaxation that you need to feel your best.

Lifestyle maintenance: Your seniors love to stay active. Whether they’re attending bridge club, going to dance classes, or simply walking through a nearby park, regular activity keeps the elderly individuals in your life mentally sharp. Thanks to our at-home, overnight care program, your relatives can continue to take part in their beloved pastimes and maintain social connections throughout their community.

Companionship: The trained professionals at WellSprings Home Care are more than just caregivers. They’re friends to your aging parents. With the companionship offered by our aides, your elders will have someone with them to play cards, watch television, or provide transportation. At the end of the day, the bonds created between our care managers and elderly individuals across Malvern will last for years to come.

Of course, these are just a few of the many benefits associated with overnight care for the elderly. Learn about its other advantages by reading all about our nighttime care program.

Learn More About Overnight Care for the Elderly in Malvern Today!

At WellSprings Home Care, our goal is to offer compassionate, personalized overnight care for elderly individuals across Malvern, PA, and beyond.

So, if you think it’s time for your family to consider the assistance of a trained care aide who can see to your aging parents’ needs, you’ve come to the right place. Get started on your search for quality, nighttime care by giving our team a call at (610) 463-0880 or by scheduling your free consultation today!