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WellSprings Home Care Services is happy to provide assistance for our Springfield, Delaware County residents. Our caregivers are great choices for your aging loved one to obtain the assistance he or she needs, while maintaining independence and a normal routine.

Local to the Springfield area, our caregivers are fully capable of traveling to your loved one’s home – or staying there, depending on which of our services you choose. Speaking of which, check out some of our home care services below, plus a little more about the Springfield area!

Family caregiver

Our Home Care Services for Springfield, PA Residents

It can be difficult to watch your loved one start to struggle with simple activities that were once easy to accomplish. And sometimes, it’s just too soon to relocate to an assisted living community. That’s where our home care services can help!

With home care assistance, your parent or relative will be able to remain in his or her home, while getting the correct assistance from a caregiver. Some of our services include:

  • Personal Hygiene : Usual activities, like showering, bathing, or dental care, may start to become difficult, which is where our caregivers can be of assistance.
  • Respite Care : You may decide to be your loved one’s primary caretaker, but you’ll need a break from time to time, which is when we’ll be there to fill in for you.
  • Mobility Assistance : Whether our residents enjoy going for a stroll around the block, or need help getting in and out of their favorite seat, we’ll help with any mobility function to prevent them from falling.
  • Live-In Care : If your loved one needs assistance 24/7, our caregivers will be there around the clock.
  • Dementia Care : For our residents who are suffering from the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia, our caregivers have the professional training to assist them.

How Our System Works

If you’ve decided that a caregiver may be a good fit for the assistance your loved one needs, we have a simple system that will get your home care started in no time.

One of our care managers will meet with you and your parent or relative at his or her home, and assess which of our services he or she will benefit from. Then, we’ll create a plan together that will balance home assistance with independence, so that your loved one still feels competent in everyday tasks.

Home Care in Springfield, PA

Whether your loved one enjoys paying visits to the Springfield Mall, or catching a movie at AMC Marple 10, there are plenty of places to visit in Springfield, PA, and we’re happy to serve this Delaware County area!

Our caregivers travel to Springfield for many of our residents, so if you’re looking for senior home care in the area, give us a call at 610.463.0880 or schedule a Free Consultation today!