If you or your loved one is a veteran in need of home care services in the Delaware County, Montgomery County, or Chester County areas, our team at WellSprings Home Care Services can help!

From helping you to get approved for veteran’s care, to providing the services our seniors are in need of, our trained home care specialists will help to make daily tasks simple again.

But of course, to get started, you’ll need to know how to qualify for funding. Our system will guide you or your loved one through the process, so that you can ensure you’re getting the veteran’s care that you deserve.

What Makes WellSprings Different?

WellSprings is affiliated with the Care Planning Institute, and for pre-qualified applicants, CPI is able to offer:

  • Interest Free Loans
  • Up to 3 months forgiveness on home care expenses while waiting for approval
  • A 98% approval rate among pre-qualified candidates
  • Free assistance with the application process and communicating with the VA

VA Aid & Attendance Benefit

Did you know that if you or your spouse served as a wartime veteran, you can receive up to $2,169 per month with the Veterans Affairs (VA) Pension Benefit? This allowance can pay for your home care services, so that you can remain comfortable in your home, with some extra help when you need it!

However, while millions of seniors can qualify for this benefit, only about half a million veterans are currently receiving it. Why is this so? To start, seniors must wait in long lines at their local VSO office in order to apply for their benefits. If you are someone who struggles with mobility, you can understand that this is a difficult process.

Not to mention, it can sometimes take multiple trips to VSO offices in order to complete the steps of the process. So while its true that millions can qualify for such a helpful benefit, not everyone is physically capable of applying for it. But not to worry! Our home care service center can help.

We work with the Care Planning Institute (CPI), a company that aids in helping seniors successfully get approved for the VA Aid & Attendance Benefit. Essentially, CPI agents will advocate before the VA, helping veterans get the benefits they need and deserve.

Qualifying for the Benefit

In order to qualify for the benefit, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • Veteran or spouse of a veteran over age 65
  • In need of daily living assistance
  • Served at least 1 day of ACTIVE DUTY (not Reserves or National Guard) during war periods including WWII, Korean War or the Vietnam War
  • Received honorable discharge
  • Spouse must have been married to veteran at time of death
  • Applicant must NOT currently be receiving a VA benefit

There are also certain aspects that involve your assets that are considered when qualifying:

  • Must have less than $123,000 in retirement accounts (i.e. 401K, annuities, stocks, bonds and cash in bank)
  • Additionally, your income must be less than $2,500 per couple, $2,100 per single veteran, and $1,400 per surviving spouse.

The VA does not include your home, vehicle, or personal property when considering these assets.

However, home care expenses can be deducted from your income, which would then increase the amount of VA Benefit you’ll qualify for.

Contact Us to See How You Can Qualify Today!

If you are a veteran in the Chester County, Delaware County, and Montgomery County areas, our caregivers at WellSprings Home Care want to help you receive the benefits you deserve that will make everyday living a bit easier. Contact us today at (610) 463-0880 to see how you can get started, or schedule a Free Consultation today!