If you’re caring full-time for a loved one, in-home respite care is an excellent option to ensure you’re still taking care of yourself in order to give others your best. While it’s certainly a selfless act to take on the needs of your loved one, giving yourself a rest from time to time is crucial. That’s why we offer live-in respite care as part of our services for the Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania.

Respite Care

What is Respite Care?

Private respite care allows for intermittent periods of care, when you feel you need a break or maybe have another obligation, and need the extra help. Although you may first feel hesitant to leave your parent or relative for a certain time period, you’ll quickly see how our care services will make you and your loved feel right at ease.

Our caregivers will blend right in with taking over in assisting with your loved one’s daily needs. While you can relax and reboot for a few hours, or even a few days, we’ll ensure that your loved one’s life is not interrupted by providing the following services:

  • Daily living activities, like routine walks or meetings with friends
  • Light housekeeping
  • Preparing meals based on dietary restrictions or preferences
  • Home safety monitoring
  • Personal hygiene
  • Gentle medication reminders
  • Companionship, including playing card games, reading books, or general conversation
  • Transportation to routine errands or doctor’s appointments

Benefits of Respite Senior Care

Without taking a break for yourself now and then, you could overwork your mind and body, leading to less productive days, a lack of sleep, and increased stress. Your loved one may notice, and start to feel like a burden. By taking time to rest, you benefit yourself, your elderly loved one, and your other family members, such as a spouse or children.

Remember that when you’re feeling good, your loved one will feel good, too! Feeling a sense of relief and relaxation will allow you to provide your parent or close relative with the ultimate care he or she deserves.

And with our short-term senior care services, you’ll find peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in great hands. So feel free to run errands, meet with a friend for lunch, or even take a weekend getaway, and come back to your loved one rejuvenated.

How to Get Started with WellSprings Home Care

If you think that respite care for the elderly is a service that will be beneficial to you and your loved one, you can get started by contacting our caregivers at WellSprings Home Care.

Simply give us a call at 610.463.0880 or schedule a Free Consultation with you and your loved one in your Delaware, Chester, or Montgomery County home. We look forward to helping you get the relaxation you deserve!