Senior Personal HygieneWhen it comes to your loved one’s daily routines, personal hygiene is at the top of the list. However, simple activities, like brushing their teeth or combing their hair, may sometimes be a bit more difficult with age or debilitating health conditions.

Fortunately, our caregivers in Exton, West Chester, King of Prussia and surrounding areas can help! Personal hygiene is one of the services we offer at WellSprings Home Care, and it’s, of course, one of the most essential. It helps to keep your loved one feeling good, inside and out, and of course, looking his or her best.

Personal Hygiene Services We Offer

Staying clean and organized isn’t just necessary to maintain your loved one’s health, but will have them looking and feeling better, too. That’s why we offer a variety of services that fall under personal hygiene, so that your loved one is never feeling anything less than their best.

When we develop a personalized program based on what your loved one is in need of assistance with, we can determine a schedule that works best for him or her, incorporating senior hygiene practices that won’t confuse or interrupt their usual routines.

Our senior hygiene services include:

  • Help with brushing teeth, or other oral hygiene
  • Assistance with bathing, including sponge baths, bed baths, or showering
  • Toilet and incontinent care
  • Hair brushing and maintenance, including help with a favorable or usual hair style
  • Shaving, especially if an electric razor is preferred
  • Any other personal hygiene routines that are normally practiced by your loved one

Our compassionate caregivers will provide these services on a daily basis, as often as the individual under our care calls for them. You’ll see that our personal hygiene services also go hand in hand with many other care assistance services we provide.

How to Get Started with WellSprings Home Care Services

The last thing you want your loved one to feel like is that he or she can’t keep up with their own personal maintenance. That’s where our senior home care services can help. They’ll keep their usual physical appearance, such as favorite hairstyles, which in turn will keep them feeling like themselves, and their spirits uplifted.

When you contact our home care center, we’ll be happy to set up a personal assessment with one of our caregivers at your loved one’s home. Then, we’ll help you find the right personal care package that will enable your loved one to live their best days.

Getting started with senior care services at WellSprings Home Care is simple. Our Delaware County, Chester County, and Montgomery County residents can give us a call us 610.463.0880 or schedule a Free Consultation today!