When your loved one’s age or health issues have made daily tasks a bit of a struggle, home care may be the best solution. With WellSprings Home Care in Exton, PA, our caregivers will assist your parent or relative in daily tasks, errands, simple company, and much more!

Senior relative care

Serving Exton, PA

As one of the areas we’re proud to serve, and as our head office location, Exton, PA has so much to offer its residents. Your loved one may have seen how quickly this Chester County area has grown over the years. Starting with just the Exton Mall, it’s now home to tons of retail stores, restaurants, and of course, many of our clients.

Whether we’re assisting with trips to walk around the mall, or running errands for our clients, our caregivers know the Exton area well. Keep reading to check out more services we offer!

Our Home Care Services

We know that it can be difficult to see your aging parent, close relative or friend struggle with tasks that were once simple. And while he or she may not be ready to move to an assisted living facility, home care may be the solution.

That’s why we offer many different services, so that you can rest easy knowing your loved one is being cared for, and he or she can maintain a sense of independence, while remaining in their home.

Some of our home care services include:

  • Live-In Care : If your loved one needs assistance around the clock, our caregivers will be there at all times.
  • Respite Care : On the other hand, perhaps you are their primary caregiver, but need a break every now and then. For these times, we’re happy to fill in for a few days.
  • Personal Hygiene : Debilitating health and age may make self-care routines a bit more difficult, which is where our caregivers can be of assistance.
  • Mobility Assistance : Perhaps your loved one enjoys walking around the Exton Mall during the holidays, or simply sitting up in his or her favorite chair. We’ll help with any mobility assistance to keep him or her safe.
  • Companionship : Maybe your family lives far from your loved one, and he or she is looking for simple companionship. Our friendly caregivers are happy to accompany your loved one with reading a book, playing a board game, or even just having a conversation.
  • And Many More!

Starting Home Care Services

Getting started with home care services is simple. When you contact us, we’ll first ask you a few questions about your loved one, offer a completely free consultation, and set up an appointment for one of our caregivers to come to their home and meet with you and your family.

If you think the potential caregiver is a good fit, we’ll then devise a plan together to ensure we’re accommodating your loved one’s needs.

WellSprings Home Care Services in Exton, PA

If home care seems like is the best option for your loved one, give us a call at WellSprings Home Care Services at 610.463.0880 or schedule a Free Consultation today! We’re happy to serve our Exton area residents, and look forward to providing care for your loved one.