Finding the right home care for veterans can be difficult. At WellSprings Home Care, one of our biggest goals is to help our senior veterans find the home care solutions that align best with their needs – and for many families, this means finding the right financial solutions.

Many Chester County, Montgomery County, and Delaware County veterans may be unaware of their home care benefits, which means that they could be paying more for homecare than they should. That’s why we’ve created this guide for veterans on qualifying for home care.

Benefits as a Veteran

There are several options to pay for homecare as a veteran. While these options do have some qualifications to meet, you might be surprised to know that more than one-third of senior veterans are unaware of their choices. Let’s take a look.

• VA Pension. U.S. military veterans and widowed spouses of veterans can receive supplemental income through the VA’s Veterans Pension and Survivors Pension benefit programs. While these benefits are needs-based, this is certainly a great option to explore further.
• Housebound Benefits. Veterans who are unable to leave the house due to health issues or disability may be able to receive housebound benefits through the VA. This can also include if assistance from another person is needed to leave the house for doctor’s appointments, or other necessary medical visits.
• Aid & Attendance. If your loved one qualifies for a VA pension and needs assistance from another person, he or she may be able to receive Aid & Attendance. This program provides additional income on a monthly basis, and essentially can help pay for homecare services.

Who is Eligible for VA Benefits?

The next question to ask is if your loved one is eligible for VA benefits. In general, qualifying veterans have served a minimum of 90 days of active duty, with one or more of those days during wartime.

Other requirements include:
• Age 65 or older with limited income
• A nursing home patient
• A Social Security Disability Insurance recipient
• Permanently disabled

More specific requirements pertain to the Aid & Attendance and Housebound benefits. These include determining everyday activities, or activities of daily living, your loved one needs assistant with. Such activities include personal hygiene routines, meal preparation, household chores, and taking medication.

What are the Financial Eligibility Factors for VA Benefits?

Financial eligibility is also something to consider when applying for VA benefits. Your loved one must have an income below the amount set by Congress. This includes income from disability and retirement plans, net income from a personal business, or interest from annuities.

Additionally, your loved one’s assets will also determine if he or she is eligible for benefits. This is decided on a case-by-case basis, where the VA will look at an individual’s assets and determine if he or she could live off of them for a sufficient amount of time.

Learn More About Veterans Qualifying for Home Care

While we’ve put a lot of information in here about how veterans can qualify for home care, there’s still much to learn. Contact us at WellSprings Home Care Services at (610) 463-0880 with all of your VA Pension questions, and we’ll be happy to help!