Family Caregivers are individuals such as a spouse, partner, family member, friend or neighbor that assists in caring for a loved one on a consistent basis. In most scenarios, family caregivers are unpaid causing strain on their family, time, and finances. Some of the problems facing Family Caregivers are:

  • Caregiver Burnout – Most caregivers have their own personal lives and families that they need to take care of. Adding another part-time or full-time job to the mix can lead to an extremely overworked Family Member.
  • Lack of Sleep – By taking on too many tasks, this can lead to a lack of sleep ultimately cause fatigue.
  • Irritable and Angry – This can be a direct result of changing sleep patterns and fatigue.
  • Emotional and Physical Stress – Fatigue and being overwhelmed can also lead to things like depression and anxiety. Other problems can by physical fatigue like sore muscles and headaches.
  • Financial Strain – When a Family Member is working up to 40 hours per week unpaid, this takes time away from creating an income for themselves.

With the WellSprings Home Care Family Caregiver Program, we offer the training and hiring of family caregivers to give them a competitive hourly pay rate, liability insurance, taking care of payroll taxes and offering benefits to them and their family. Family Caregivers also must meet all the State and Medicaid requirements including but not limited to Criminal Background Checks, Tuberculosis Testing, Competency/Hipaa Testing and SSN Verifications.

To become a Paid Family Caregiver there are several options available to choose from:

  • Medicaid: If the individual is currently enrolled in a Pennsylvania Medicaid waiver, WellSprings can potentially hire the family member as an employee and submit billing to Medicaid directly. This allows the family caregiver to be paid, while eliminating timesheets and paperwork for the caregiver and Waiver recipient.
    • Note: Spouses, Legal Guardians and Powers of Attorney are exempt from being hired by WellSprings as per PA State Regulation.
  • Private Pay: If the care recipient would like to pay privately from savings, assets, reverse mortgages, life insurance policies or another form of payment, WellSprings can train and hire the family member as an employee. In this scenario, the caregiver would be paid by WellSprings as well as covered by our insurance as long as the policy accepts family caregivers. The care recipient would be billed directly by WellSprings.
  • Veterans Benefit: There are several different benefits available from the Veteran’s Administration. Each benefit has a different set of qualifications so the individual would have to reach out to the VA to see if they can qualify. WellSprings can also help with this. Different benefits include:
    • Veteran’s Directed Care
    • Aid and Attendance Benefits
    • Housebound Benefits
    • Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers

Statistics of Unpaid Family Caregivers:

According to the AARP and National Alliance for Caregiving:

  • 43.5 million adults in the US have provided caregiving services with no compensation.
  • The average caregiver works 24 hours per week unpaid, while many report caregiving over 40 hours per week with no pay.
  • Health: 22% of caregivers have reported a decline in their own health due to the strain of caregiving.

According to ClearCare: 61% of family caregivers suffer from depression

According to UnitedHealthCare: The ratio of family caregivers that are able to provide care is declining from 7:1 in 2010 to 4:1 in 2030. This means fewer family members are able to assist with unpaid care as time passes.

Please feel free to give us a call today if you’re interested in being paid to care for your family member at 1-610-463-0880.