Does Medicaid Pay for Family Caregivers?

Good afternoon everybody, and welcome to the Wellsprings Home Care Podcast and our topic, Does Medicaid Pay for Family Caregivers? I’ll be your host, Justin Currie, and I sure hope that everybody’s keeping their sanity with this quarantine that’s going on. It’s really extendi ...Read More

Home Care in Downingtown

Welcome everyone to the Wellsprings Home Care Podcast. Once again, I’m your host Justin Currie, and as always, I’m here with my two four legged co-hosts Goose and Remington. Now on today’s podcast, we’re going to be discussing a little bit about Home Care in Downingto ...Read More

Coronavirus Advice for Seniors

Welcome everybody to the Wellsprings Home Care Podcast. I’m your host, Justin Currie, and I’m here with my two four-legged co-hosts, Goose and Remington, so if they make a little noise in the background, I’m sorry. Wellsprings Home Care is located in Exton, Pennsylvania and ...Read More

Funding In-Home Care for Seniors in Chester County

In our experience providing senior home care to families in Exton, West Chester and Downingtown, we know that it can be extremely overwhelming when a loved one goes into the hospital, they’re discharged from a skilled nursing facility, or they have a fall and they’re in need of immediate ass ...Read More

Home Care During COVID-19: How we’re protecting our clients & caregivers

As the COVID-19 virus becomes more severe, we’ve received an increase in communication from our current and prospective clients in Exton, West Chester, Downingtown and King of Prussia regarding the safety of home care during this health crisis, and what precautions our caregivers and our clients a ...Read More

Can Hospice Care Be Provided at Home?

Choosing hospice care for your loved one might bring up a variety of emotions for you and your family. For many, hospice can signify the loss of a loved one, or like they’re giving up. However, when hospice care can be provided at home, we can look at it like getting our loved one’s back. That ...Read More

Why Choose In-Home Hospice Care?

Why Choose In-Home Hospice Care? While it may be tough to consider at first, the time may come when your elderly loved one needs hospice care. At first, this may seem like a last resort option; however, it’s important to understand that hospice care can be extremely beneficial to your loved one’ ...Read More

WellSprings Home Care Wins 2020 Best of Home Care Award

Exton, PA – WellSprings Home Care is proud to announce they have been selected as one of 2020’s Best of Home Care Award Winner by, the largest ratings and reviews site for senior care and services in North America. is in the 7th year of hosting the Best of Se ...Read More

When is it Time to Consider Hospice Care?

Among many questions when caring for your elderly loved one, “When is it time to consider hospice care?” has probably crossed your mind. This can be a difficult time for you and your family, and it’s important to know the right information for you to make the decision that’s best for your lo ...Read More

How is Hospice Care Paid For?

There may be a time in your loved one’s life where you and your family consider hospice care as the next step. This end-of-life holistic care allows for patients to live out their days fully and with dignity, while continuing to receive the attention and care that they need. However, you may be w ...Read More