How To Prevent Falls In The Elderly

Over the years, our bodies become more prone to injuries and accidents. As we age, we lose some sense of coordination, flexibility and balance. Although we all hope to maintain our young physiques forever, our bodies will start to show signs of wear, making us more susceptible to physical accidents. ...Read More

What Is The Difference Between Palliative Care And Hospice?

If you or a loved one is facing a serious illness, finding proper support is crucial to maintain quality of life. Not only do you want relief from pain, but there are also a host of emotional, physical and spiritual needs that may need to be addressed as well. This is when caregiving options such as ...Read More

How Much Does Live-In Care Cost?

Are you, or someone you love, considering hiring someone to provide live-in care? The decision to do so is not made lightly, but many seniors would prefer to live at home, even if they have limitations. These include vision problems or cognitive issues which prevent them from living safely at home w ...Read More

What Are The Four Levels Of Hospice Care?

Hospice, also known as comfort care, concentrates on managing pain levels for a terminally ill patient. For those who’ve been diagnosed as having six months or less to live, hospice focuses on providing as much quality of life as possible for the time left. To qualify for hospice care, the patient ...Read More

What is 24 Hour Home Care?

There comes a time when it’s necessary for aging individuals in the Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery County areas to receive more intensive, regular care. So, when you think your loved ones would benefit from hands-on support, it’s important to choose the compassion of an experienced caregiv ...Read More

What is Overnight Care for Seniors?

When it comes to caring for the seniors in your life, the nighttime hours bring about some uncertainty. Who will help your elderly parents get out of bed? Will they attempt to get to the bathroom without assistance? What if they injure themselves while trying to get a snack? All of these variable ...Read More

Signs of Depression in Seniors

So today’s topic, what we’re going to talk about is Signs of Depression in Seniors. Obviously depression is one of the biggest problems facing our seniors. You heard that from other podcasts and other blog posts that we’ve done and we wanted to dive into a ...Read More

Problems Facing Elderly in the U.S.

I want to start off by introducing some of the statistics that come from NCO which is the national council on aging.  Chronic disease – So the statistic there is approximately 80% of older adults have at least one chronic disease and 77% have at least two, and there& ...Read More

10 Warning Signs of Dementia

Welcome everybody to the Wellsprings Home Care Podcast. As usual, I’m your host Justin Currie. I am the owner and a certified Senior Care Manager here at Wellsprings Home Care. So today we’re going to jump right into the topic we have which is 10 Warning Signs of Dementia. ...Read More

What is 24 Hour Care at Home?

When your elderly loved one is in need of care around the clock, it can be difficult for you and your family members to juggle — especially when perhaps work, distance, and your own families to care for are factors. Visiting regularly is certainly an option, but you may find an added stress when y ...Read More