Problems Facing Elderly in the U.S.

I want to start off by introducing some of the statistics that come from NCO which is the national council on aging.  Chronic disease – So the statistic there is approximately 80% of older adults have at least one chronic disease and 77% have at least two, … Continue reading

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10 Warning Signs of Dementia

Welcome everybody to the Wellsprings Home Care Podcast. As usual, I’m your host Justin Currie. I am the owner and a certified Senior Care Manager here at Wellsprings Home Care. So today we’re going to jump right into the topic we have which is 10 Warning Signs of Dementia. We’re going to list out the different warning signs. We’re not … Continue reading

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What is 24 Hour Care at Home?

When your elderly loved one is in need of care around the clock, it can be difficult for you and your family members to juggle — especially when perhaps work, distance, and your own families to care for are factors. Visiting regularly is certainly an … Continue reading

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Is Hospice 24-Hour Care?

Deciding that hospice is the next step for your elderly loved one may evoke some sadness or fear for you and your family. Hospice may feel like the end of the road, or like death is inevitable for your loved one. However, this special type … Continue reading

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Will Medicaid Pay for In-Home Care?

Good day everyone and welcome to the Wellsprings Home Care Podcast. I’ll be your host, Justin Currie. I am the owner and also a certified Senior Care Manager here at Wellsprings Home Care and Wellsprings main office is located in Exton, Pennsylvania. We serve the counties of Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester.   What wellsprings does is provides non-medical home care … Continue reading

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